ARTIC LIGHT is an independent film production company founded by the award-winning wildlife filmmaker and photographer Asgeir Helgestad in 2006. It is situated in the heart of Norwegian wilderness, which is the inspiration behind all our work.

Artic Light produces world-class wildlife documentaries, pictures and commercials to a wide range of local and international clients such as NRK, BBC, SVT, France TV, Smithsonian Channel, NDR, DocLights, ORF, and Maramedia.

Asgeir Helgestad is the creative director, producer and does all the camerawork, often in collaboration with other passionate and talented freelancers. We use Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras that provide 7xHD in resolution and give the best results on any platform used for screening. 

We pride ourselves for our attention to the highest quality of imagery and our commitment to powerful storytelling. Our vision is to empower and inspire people to love and protect nature.

Our latest film, Queen without Land (2018), has been sold across the globe and has reached millions of viewers. It has won prestigious international awards and nominations and has been screened in more than thirty-five film festivals around the world. The film has a Norwegian and English TV and theatrical version, and has been produced in German (in collaboration with DocLights), French (with France TV) and USA (with Smithsonian Channel) versions.

We are now working with several new projects and with the same strong determination to engage with the most important environmental issues of our times.