Artic Light AS deliver both stills  and video in 5K Ultra Hight Definition (UHD). 

Red Digital Cinema

Everybody know Full HD from their own TV, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels or (1280x720). Our RED Epic camera deliver a clean RAW signal that are 7 x Full HD at a 5K resolution (5120x2700 pixels). In this resolution Epic deliver up to 96 picture-frames pr second. Since European TV standard is 25 frames pr second it means that you can provide slow motion at about 4 x realtime in 5K. If swapping camera down at a Full HD resolution it can deliver 240 fps, and give you almost 10x realtime in slow motion.

Other benefits of using RED is a high dynamic range, that will take care of the brightest light in your scene and at the same time capture the dark shadows in the same frame. Pure clean progressive  pictures, with little noise, makes it easier to compress the video - giving more details and smaller file-size for use at internet streaming.

 RED Epic set up with follow focus.

RED Epic set up with follow focus.

Most of the time we deliver HD Masters, but we do capture film for the future, giving us an archive that will be usable beyond todays TV-screen tecknology. At the same time it provide us the ability to extract still-frames for wall-prints, catalogs, magazines etc. .

Red Epic use a big sensor with a shallow field of depth, witch can help isolating your subject, softening the background. This is highly appreciated for both cinema and advertising use. 

Compared to a 4K camera, RED Epic give us the ability to adjust the framing in postproduction even for delivery in 4K. This is a huge benefit in case of delivering various framing (ex 2.35:1 vs 16:9) as well. In order to deliver HD, you can cut in to a cropped frame and edit like if the scene were shot with two cameras of different focal length. In that way we can make a smooth clip without cut in timeline.

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We use a big variety of Canon-lenses from the very wide 8-15mm lens, up to the 500/4L - sometimes with a doubler -extending focal length to a 1000mm. Other lenses that we use are  16-35/2.8 L,  35-70/2.8L          24-105/4L,     70-200/2.8L     100-400/4-56L,     300/2.8L,     200-400/4L w1.4 ext.