Meet the ARTIC LIGHT team

Meet the ARTIC LIGHT team


Asgeir Helgestad – Creative director, producer, and camera

Asgeir Helgestad has a passion for capturing the perfect image and his love for his subjects shines through his work. How we treat this beautiful planet is always part of his films.

Growing up in the countryside of Norway, it is not surprising that its nature has become a major arena for his work, while the Arctic has grabbed his heart with its vast landscapes, beautiful light and majestic animals. “If you have been in the Arctic, you will always carry it in your heart and mind. And to experience the dramatic changes going on there due to rising temperatures just compels you to tell the world about it” says Asgeir.

Asgeir has worked as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer since 1991. He has a broad background as a film photographer, but he is particularly experienced in filming birds and mammals, as well as people during outdoor activities. He is trained in working under cold and harsh conditions since many of his projects are from the Arctic and Antarctica. Most films are shot on Ultra High Definition (8K), using the large format RED Epic W camera. From 2007 until 2014, the Norwegian television channel TV 2 screened daily Asgeir’s images of Norwegian mountains and fjords for the Bergans sports brand in an advertising campaign aiming to inspire people to go outdoors.

His stills photography and films have won him several international awards including prizes at the biggest wildlife film and photo competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Wildscreen Film Festival. The first book he authored and photographed, Dyr i skogen (Animals in the Forest), received the Norwegian Ministry of Culture debutante prize.


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Ageliki Lefkaditou – Assistant producer and researcher

Ageliki Lefkadiou is an award-winning science curator with great love for researching and science communication. She has recently joined Asgeir in Arctic Ligth and hopes to strengthen our work with her determination, creativity and knowledge.

Ageliki is an avid traveller, who is equally curious about the natural world as well as about people, societies and cultures. The imminent climate catastrophe has led her to reduce her travelling and instead look more closely at what is already close and around us. She has spent many years studying critical approaches to science and she is now ready to venture in the world of wildlife documentaries with strong messages.